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Eight design tips to make your small apartment amazing

Has your small apartment space frustrated your plans to design your room the way you always dreamed of? Do you wish your room would reflect your personality, but its small space would prevent you from designing it the way you want it? There is no doubt that small space is a challenge, but the truth is that many design experts prefer small spaces over …

How to buy your first property?

You can buy property easily in your home country, as you know all the procedures and where to search, which makes you safe and confident. On the contrary, many people consider buying a property in a foreign country a complicated matter. Buying property in a foreign country is a challenging issue. Therefore, there are many things that you should know in advance.   Some …

How to estimate the market value of a property

Accurately assessing your property helps you in several important financial affairs. Determining the current market value of the property can help you make a fair deal when it comes to property buying or selling or taking a loan from the bank easily.  Furthermore, it can contribute to estimate the tax rate on the property professionally, or evaluate your financial wealth, which might help you …

Big mistakes should be avoided when buying a property in Turkey

In general, buying a property is not an easy procedure, but it becomes more difficult and requires more caution if you want to buy a property in a foreign country. Usually, we don’t have enough information which qualifies us to assess a property in a foreign country if it matches our requirements and needs, so we could be exposed to make mistakes that might …

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