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How Schools Affect House Prices?

Posted by Muhammed ISTANBULLU on January 14, 2020

When you decide to buy a house for you and your family, the first thing that comes to your mind is buying a house with a good location, close to the city center, where universities, schools, hospitals and shopping centers are available, or at least close to the public transportation which gives you easy access to different regions and places.

Since you have a family and children, you have to think seriously about having a house close to schools, as it offers you great benefits, which include saving your time effort, and cost as well as feeling stable. However, owning a house is just beside schools has a cost, which is represented by its high price. 

Here, in this article, we will shed light on the most important reasons behind the high value of the house which located close to schools, and what important benefits that you can get.

  1. No need to move to another home

At first, you may be able to live in a house away from schools as long as you do not have any school-age children, but one day you will have to move to a house near schools if you do not want to fall into the problem of daily public transportation.

 Therefore, buying a house near schools, make your life easier, you do not have to bring your child to school, cover great distances via your own car or public transport, struggling with traffic congestion. By a few steps, your child will be in his school, which in turn provides you with a peaceful and stable life.

  1. Save effort and time

One of the benefits of buying a house close to the school is saving your time which you would spend it by waiting inside the bus or metro station or stuck in the traffic jams during the rush hour. Instead, it would allow you to take advantage of those moments to drink coffee or have breakfast with your wife. Not to mention that you would save your effort you might put in getting your child to school.

  1. Save transportation costs

Buying a house near your children’s schools contributes to keeping transportation costs, whether you use public transportation, or you get them to school in your own car. Transportation costs can be saved if you buy a house surrounded by schools. You might pay a certain premium for having that house; however, the transportation-related expenses might exceed times over that premium.

  1. Easy to sell or rent a house

When you buy a house surrounded by schools, you can ensure quickly reselling it at a high price, in case you wish to move to another place for some reason. You can also rent it immediately at high rates, as there is a high demand for this type of house.

  1. Provide a peaceful and comforting life 

The neighborhoods surrounded by several schools are usually overpopulated and lively, which makes you feel calmer and comfortable when you go to your work, leaving your children and your wife behind. On the contrary, those houses located far away from service institutions, including schools usually situated in remote areas, which makes you feel worried about your family constantly, disturbing your life.

  1. Provide a suitable environment for your child

When you live in an area which is full of schools and has a large number of children, your child will find a lovely atmosphere where he can meet other children and enjoy with them, developing his skills and enhancing his capabilities.

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