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Big mistakes should be avoided when buying a property in Turkey

Posted by Muhammed ISTANBULLU on June 15, 2020

In general, buying a property is not an easy procedure, but it becomes more difficult and requires more caution if you want to buy a property in a foreign country. Usually, we don’t have enough information which qualifies us to assess a property in a foreign country if it matches our requirements and needs, so we could be exposed to make mistakes that might be costly. Here in this article, we will shed light on the most common mistakes that the buyer might make when buying a property in Turkey, guiding him to avoid them correctly.

Have no idea about properties prices in Turkey

One of the most common mistakes that a foreign investor usually makes is not to check property prices generally in Turkey. To avoid involving in unwanted deals, you should search and check the properties prices carefully through reliable sites of real estate companies, making sure to know all details in terms of the price of per square meter accurately, the exact location, the current age of the building, and property views. 

Furthermore, it would help if you considered whether the property is within a residential complex and the services and available social life facilities. Taking account of these points might play a great role in assessing your property well and give you a good idea about the prices generally.

Rushing to buy a property without paying attention to the location

Usually, the foreigner who wants to buy a property in Turkey prefers Istanbul over the rest of the cities due to its unique features that surpass other cities’ features. However, Istanbul is considered a vast city that includes many municipalities that are different in terms of modernity, views, and services.

 Choosing your property location should be done carefully; you need to know the neighborhood’s graphical location and to what extent the educational, health and entertainment services are available in the area. Furthermore, you should make sure that you have easy access to the main public transportation such as the metro and Metrobus, which allows easy movement between the side of the city.

Relying on unreliable real estate agents 

Looking for well-known real estate companies or reliable agents prevents you from becoming a victim of fake companies’ manipulations that exploit your ignorance of the real estate market. 

Nowadays, a lot of real estate companies are active on social media, providing various offers about properties in Turkey. So your mission is to investigate these companies’ credibility well before making any buying decision, trying to take advantage of your friends’ or relatives’ experiences of dealing with reliable real estate companies in advance.

Neglecting the details of the contract text

A foreign investor might make a fatal mistake if he ignores reading or understanding the text of the property contract carefully. Many people buy a property without knowing its legal status. Buying a property within a building violates building code or legal law, such as building on land close to sensitive military sites. So not reading the property contact or your limited information about the country’s legal matters might expose you to lose your money.

Turning a blind eye to the property’s internal side

Finally, before making the purchase decision, you should check out the property from inside and make sure that its internal environment is good enough for your need, including plumbing (water damage), walls, ceiling, flooring, and electrical system.

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