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How to estimate the market value of a property

Posted by Muhammed ISTANBULLU on June 15, 2020

Accurately assessing your property helps you in several important financial affairs. Determining the current market value of the property can help you make a fair deal when it comes to property buying or selling or taking a loan from the bank easily.

 Furthermore, it can contribute to estimate the tax rate on the property professionally, or evaluate your financial wealth, which might help you in specific legal procedures.

Thus, we should have a clear idea about the best methods for evaluating real estate, as it plays a vital role in ensuring accurate estimation of your property value, avoiding you from making mistakes that might be fatal. There are many methods by which you can evaluate a property; however, in this article, we will mention the most important, credible, and accurate methods for determining a property’s market value.

Relying on reliable real estate companies

Real estate agencies with high credibility can estimate the value of property well due to their long experience in buying and selling and having a massive amount of data that qualifies them to estimate the market value of the property accurately. Several features are taken into consideration when carrying out the evaluation process. Most importantly, the property’s location, views, modernity, surrounding public services, and internal and external design.

Thus, now it is your job to choose the most reliable real estate agent you can trust in his evaluation process.

Use the most professional online assessment tools

Several property appraisal tools are used as indicators to calculate the market value of a property based on real estate databases involve previous prices and sales, and specific mathematical and statistical models that help predict property prices.

 Appraisal tools are very accurate; they usually rely on a vast amount of data and advanced mathematical models that are updated and developed over time. Generally, appraisal tools are used by lenders, such as banks, to help them appraise the property and use it as collateral for the loans given to borrowers. Also, some real estate companies appraisal tools which support them in evaluating properties.

Estimate a property value through an official real estate price index 

One of the most reliable methods by which real estate prices are accurately assessed is the House Price Index. The house price index is based on historical data of property prices and certain statistical models. It is a report published monthly by the official authorities in most of the countries around the world.

Hiring a professional property appraiser

To get an accurate prediction for your property value, you have another option: finding a property appraiser who can professionally estimate the market value of your property. 

The real estate appraiser usually conducts his estimation, depending on different factors. Most importantly, the location, the property’s location, views, modernity, surrounding public services, internal and external design, and much more. 

However, hiring a real estate appraiser is costly and usually utilized by large real estate companies or banks, so you might not be able to afford it.

Personal property assessing 

If you cannot afford to hire a real estate appraiser, you can make property assessment yourself, by comparing and analyzing the properties of your property with other properties in the same market.

When it comes to personal assessment, you should look at the property’s characteristics, such as property area, construction date, and location, taking into account any additional property amendments or improvements that might play a significant role in estimating the property’s market value.

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